Monday, September 27, 2004

A Threat To Your Freedom

Please note: Yaser Esam Hamdi will be set free without being charged with a single crime.

Who is Yaser Esam Hamdi? He's an American citizen picked up in Afghanistan and held for three years as an "enemy combatant" without being charged with any crime and without being given access to an attorney. In essence, the man has been held in solitary confinement for three years.

All because somebody in the government said he's an enemy.

Now we have something called the constitution that is supposed to protect people from this type of arbitrary and abusive exercise of government authority. You see, the founding fathers knew well the dangers of arbitrary authority.

So eventually this case made its way through the court system, all the while the Bush administration arguing that this Yaser Esam Hamdi guy was so bad and evil that it would undermine the very security of this country if he were allowed to talk to a lawyer or have any contact with the outside world. Moreover, the Bush administration said that the courts should just take their word for it, because it would undermine the very security of this country just to explain why this Yaser Esam Hamdi guy was being held. You just had to trust George Bush.

So what happened when the supreme court disagreed and told Bush that he had to explain to a court the reasons Yaser Esam Hamdi was being held, and he had to give Yaser Esam Hamdi a chance to respond to the charges against him.

What happened is that the Bush administration decided to let Yaser Esam Hamdi go free.

I guess they had nothing. No crimes. No evidence. No security concerns.

All smoke and mirrors.

Please pay attention ladies and gentlemen, because what the Bush administration did to Yaser Esam Hamdi should tip you -- these are the acts of a tyrant. The Bush administration lied to the Courts for three years, there was no national security issue. None. Nada. Just lies.

Whatever your political affiliation, you should be very, very scared by these people. I am.

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Anonymous said...

Here. Here. An astute observation about the "Bush Team" and our Attorney General. Another scary thought is the fact that Martha Stewart gets 5 months in Federal prison for lying to someone from the government. Admittedly, it appears she did lie to them, but the idea that they will put someone in prison for lying to them is a bit chilling. It sends a message that makes one wonder if we are living in a police state. I think we are in some ways and it's disturbing that a lot of the citizenry doesn't understand it, in fact a lot of them think it's all right for the government to do anything it damn well pleases. Is this a form of modern day McCarthyism?