Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hey Arnold

I thought the Republicans were the party of personal freedom. A couple weeks ago you sign a law outlawing sex with a corpse, and now you've signed a law making it illegal for 14 year-olds to visit tanning parlors. So much for personal freedom.

Not, of course, that anybody should have having sex with a corpse, and I don't think young teenagers need to go to tanning salons. But do we really need laws against such things? Isn't the goal is to pare back unnecessary government. I think it's a waste to pay legislators to pass laws against imaginary evils.

Obviously the California legislature has extra time on its hands. Maybe it could organize a bake sale to help reduce the state's deficit. Even better, maybe what California, and a lot of other states, needs, is a part time legislature, with part time salaries.

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Anonymous said...

The Kahlifornia Legislature focus on important issues like what school mascots are on baseball caps, college educations for students who shouldn't have gone to high school in the state in the first place, and free preschool for those students younger siblings leaves our roads and bridges crumbling, hospitals closing, college tuition going up and taxpayers left to pay for it all. They only make over 100K a year.