Thursday, September 23, 2004

Right Wing Contradiction

Not that it's anything new...

But go to any right wing web site and you'll quickly learn that a common view of Arabs and Islam is that the only good Arab is a dead one.

"Islam, on the other hand, is hateful from top to bottom, and they have the example of Muhammad to emulate (He's often obeyed unfortunately). Since Muhammad was, as I wrote, a psychopath, inhumanity is part and parcel of Islam. Bin Laden and those headchoppers in Iraq are good Muslims going by the book. Not bigotry, just a fact."

"It's about Islam and the cruelty that Islamists are capable of. Is that nuanced enough?"

"the shoe does fit the cloven hoof..."

"We should have nuked mecca, 08:00 September 12 2001 . . . The saudimites still have sex with camels and defecate on the street, just like they did in mohammed's day 1400 years ago."

(All the above comes from LittleGreenFootballs on 9/18/04)

But this same crowd will talk about how wonderful it is that the Iraqi people are free and finally will have their own, cough, democracy in the near future, and that this whole messy war is worth it to free all these millions of people.

Excuse me.

If Arabs are no better than dogs and Islam is a religion of hate, violence and perversion . . .

Why do we care if they're free and why are American lives being wasted so that these people, who are beyond redemption, can have elections?

The answer of course is that the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with "freeing" the Iraqi people, but that rationale has been offered because the original reasons were false. It's humorous to see how passionate right wingers get over "freedom" for people they detest. It's all part of the wingnut dance, in which one must bend like a pretzel to fit within the changing rationales of the Bush Administration.

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