Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hell Hath No Fury . . .

Like a right wing blogger scorned.

Charles Johnson, leader of the "right leaning" website LittleGreenFootballs, laments that an article in todays New York Times about bloggers doesn't mention his site, even though he gave the author of the article 43 minutes of his precious time. Yes, I'm not kidding, he notes his time right down to the minute. (Hey, the guy begs for tips on his website, so how much could his time be worth?)

Johnson lies when he complains that the only bloggers mentioned are "New York Times-approved left-wing drones." In fact the article mentions (and provides links) to several conservative blogs, including Andrew Sullivan and Instapundit. Johnson then uses this lie as "proof" that the "MSM" (MainStreamMedia) is just a tool of the American communist party.

I'm beginning to wonder if Johnson isn't really Rush Limbaugh. Whoever he is, he needs a wakeup call. General Electric, Westinghouse, Disney, FOX. These are the owners of the MSM.

If Johnson wants to know the reason why his site was ignored by the author of the New York Times article, maybe he should take a good look at the content of his site instead of looking for imaginary demons in the press.

Here's crybaby Johnson's piece:

Here's the New York Times Article:

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