Thursday, September 23, 2004

Last Word on the CBS Killian Documents

Rather apologized. Not good enough, said the right wing.

And I agree.

Here's what I think ought to be done to make things even.

I think Rather should air a show revealing, based on newly discovered documents, that George Bush showed up for National Guard Duty each and every day that he was supposed to. And I think it should be discovered that those documents are in fact forgeries, possibly planted by the RNC, and eventually CBS will be required to recant its story and admit that there is no evidence whatsoever that George Bush actually fulfilled his National Guard Duty.

I think that would make things about even.


Anonymous said...

you call that an apology?

how about his job? he should be fired.

I say boycott cbs. Wait, I can't do that. I don't watch that liberal station for my news anyway.

can you say foxnews?

GirlieMan said...

Would that be the same Fox News that admitted running a false story about Kerry?