Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LGF Publishes Fake Before and After Photos

Yesterday, Little Green Footballs posted pictures which Johnson, the site's owner, claims are "before and after" photos of a Gaza greenhouse, and he wrote:
And as we pointed out last October, the high-tech greenhouses built by Israelis, that formerly provided employment for many Palestinians, have been looted, burned, and turned into cover for weapons smuggling tunnels.
But the pictures posted by LGF appear to be fake. Fake in the sense that they are not pictures of the same greenhouse, as Johnson claims.

The first picture is of a greenhouse in the settlement of Gadid as reported here.

The second picture is a propaganda photo released by the IDF. I have been unable to determine where and when it was taken. But one thing is clear, it is not the Gadid greenhouse depicted in the before photo. The settlement of Gadid was fully three miles north of the Egyptian border. Check out this map.

The Palestinians do not dig three mile smuggling tunnels.

LGF takes great pride in having exposed the fake Killian documents. It seems to me that Johnson is guilty of creating his own fake documentation to make a point, and a dubious point at that.

So how about it Johnson, ready to retract your story?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Confess:

I am the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Debbie Does Dearborn

This is priceless.

Sean Hannity might just be the biggest moron in the world with a television show. He is unquestionably the most mentally challenged individual to have both a television and radio show.

Anyway, the write wing is all abuzz with a "hit" they seem to think Sean has scored with his "interview" of Imam Husham Al-Husainy, an Iraqi American Cleric out of Dearborn, Michigan. You can see Sean do his imitation of a fierce cross examiner here. In reality, it's the man who can't ask a question versus the man who won't answer one.

Basically what happened to get Sean all steamed up is this: the Imam gave an invocation at the DNC which was pretty much like any other invocation, and it ended with a call for the end of violence, oppression, occupation and other such things. No big deal. No big deal if you're grown up with an IQ over 60. To Sean's Yorkshire Terrier sized brain, however, the Imam was calling the United States an "occupier and oppressor nation" and this just proves that all Democrats (especially Howard Dean, who stood by impassively and failed to take action against the evil Imam) HATE AMERICA!

(Somebody needs to explain it to Sean, real slow like, how the United States has all these soldiers in Iraq and how that's called an occupation.)

I think if I were a right wing blogger I would pretty much steer clear of Sean Hannity. I mean, dumb is dumb, and if I align myself with stupidity incarnate, doesn't that just dumb me down in the process? Apparently none of the "big" names in the wrong wing blogosphere see it that way, and they're all acting like a bunch of hyenas trying to get a piece of this carcass that Hannity's been flogging for the past several days. They can't seem to get enough of it. That should tell you something right there. If all you have to put on your blog is a link to Sean Hannity on You Tube, well, maybe you should step away from the computer and do the dishes or mow the lawn or something.

One right wing windbag who is not sharing the love with Sean is Debbie Schlussel. So what's Debbie's problem? Since Debbie's a lawyer, let me put this in legal terms: Debbie alleges that Sean is stealing her INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! That's right, according to Schlussel, she RISKED HER LIFE going undercover to get the goods on Imam Husham Al-Husainy, and Sean is using her work without giving her credit for it! Schlussel's web site has a half dozen screeds inveighing against "Sean Vannity's" treachery.

What fascinates me here is not the sight of one right wing nut job viciously attacking another, but the concept of Debbie undercover.

Um, yeh, you get my point, right?

Ok, it's a cheap shot, but seriously, what the hell is she talking about? She attended public events with thousands of other people. How was she "undercover"? Does she mean that she wore "Islamic garb?" Or does she merely mean that she didn't tell everybody there that she was a suburban yenta wingnut Anne Coulter wannabe who was looking for grist for her anti-Islam mill?

And how did she risk her life? Does she seriously want us to believe that she (or anybody else for that matter) thinks that she would have been killed if her "cover" had been blown?

Now I'm going to make a confession. I myself have never been to an Iraqi ex-pat rally
in Dearborn Michigan, so I'm sticking my neck out on this one. But I've been to other rallies and in my experience the idea is to get as many people as possible to attend the rally and, yes (shocking background music here) GET PUBLICITY! So why on earth would anyone need to be "undercover" to attend a rally and why would people seeking publicity get so mad about getting publicity that they would be driven to kill the person giving them publicity?

Even though I've never gone undercover to a Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan, that is not to say that I am have no undercover experience at all. In fact, as revealed in these very pages, I risked my life to go undercover at Little Green Footballs, and because I was undercover I was able to actually read what was posted there, and post a few things myself. In fact, I also appear on the streets of New York almost every day, undercover, and I sometimes even write about what I see. And you know what, if Sean Hannity wants to borrow some observation or insight from this blog, he's only too welcome, as long as he promises NOT to mention my name.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm back!

Finally got around to recovering my password. So what has it been, two years? My, time flies.

And yes, I'm aware that my previous posts garnered all of, well, maybe 10 comments, depending on whether you count spam comments or not. So no, I don't expect a lot of fan fare.