Friday, March 02, 2007


Charles admits that the "before" and "after" pictures are not the same greenhouse:
71 Charles 3/1/2007 02:08PM PST

ChenZhen: that's just stupid. I never claimed those photos showed the same greenhouse.

None of Charles' minions have the cojones to ask Charles why he labeled the pictures "before" and "after", or to ask him what's the point of putting the pictures together, if they're not the same greenhouse.
84 Charles 3/1/2007 02:13PM PST

Here's the page for this pile of crap at Digg:


This one should be marked 'inaccurate,' because it is. In fact, the banned troll who posted it (banned for posting at LGF under multiple names, pretending to be different people, and yes, I can prove it) was almost certainly deliberately lying.

It's inaccurate? Charles just admitted that the the pictures are not of the same greenhouse! Needless to say, the LGF lapdogs are so used to being lied to by Charles that they're unlikely to catch this one. Even if they did, they wouldn't dare question Charles.

As for the whopper about banning me for posting "under multiple names," don't expect Charles to come up with his "proof" anytime soon. It doesn't exist. He's just lying, pure and simple. Charles banned me for linking to a site that challenged his assertion that the Killian documents were forgeries. The second name that Charles claimed I used, Killian, did not post until after I was banned. In fact, IIRC, Killian criticized Charles for banning me, and Charles banned Killian too! Charles also erased the Killian posts, apparently so that his lie that I was posting under multiple accounts would not be too obvious.

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