Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Debbie Schlussel, Meet Charles Johnson

God I hate bigots.

I was curious about a post at LGF today about a doctor named Rashed who got into a little trouble for giving a severed hand from a corpse to a stripper a few years ago. No comment from Johnson, so I figured it's up to the reader to put two and two together and take as the lesson that that only a depraved Muslim could engage in such hideous behavior.

What Johnson doesn't include in his edited version of the story (you know he never gives the complete story) is that the stripper, one Linda Kay, not only kept the hand as a souvenir, but she also had six human skulls in her collection! Ok, I don't hold strippers to the same level of conduct as medical doctors, but this fact would seem to puncture the theory that this crepescule crime had anything to do with anybody's ethnicity or religion. I dunno for sure, but Linda Kay doesn't sound like a Muslim name to me.

Leave it to Debbie Schlussel to articulate what Johnson merely implies:
But I'm sure it had nothing to do with his religion or the barbarism often accompanying it. Because Infidel doctors sever hands of dead bodies for their stripper friends all of the time all over America. Right?
Debbie, I have news for you, but medical students have been playing pranks with cadaver parts for as long as there have been medical schools. Try googling "medical school pranks cadavers." I did, and I found lots of examples, including the following interesting read from a book by Merrill Reese:

Gee wizz, Jack Edelstein . . . hmmmm, is that a Muslim name? Somebody should ask Debbie.


Spencer Miller said...

What do you suppose fuels Schlussel's bigotry? Who brought this woman up and instilled such hate in her heart? She is a sad case.

Dawud said...

She has such hatred in her that it's a wonder that any sane person listens to her.

I think that she needs therapy.