Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Yesterday's Most Stupid Criticism of Kerry

Yesterday’s absolute stupidest criticism of John Kerry.

Power Line ( concludes that John Kerry is unfit to be President because, when asked by a reporter what was the largest deer he ever bagged, Kerry mentioned the one that got away – “once had an incredible encounter with the most enormous buck - I don't know, 16 points or something. It was just huge.” Kerry said that he was hunting in Cape Cod at the time.

It may not be immediately obvious to you why this disqualifies Kerry from holding office. But then you might not be a totally rabid, incoherent wingnut, as the author of this piece, an attorney who likes to call himself “Hindrocket” (what is that name about?), appears to be.

Here’s Mr. Hindrocket’s logic. Everybody knows that there is only sand on Cape Cod. Therefore Kerry is lying about hunting there, or at least lying about the size of the deer that he didn’t shoot. So if Kerry has to exaggerate the size of the deer he didn’t shoot, who knows what else he’s capable of.

Now I could challenge Mr. Hindrocket’s logic, I suppose. I could point out that exaggeration in reverse is just as bad, especially when one is talking about budget deficits, costs of invading other countries or costs of Medicare programs.

But why bother. Mr. Hindrocket is just plain ignorant, and that, combined with an unshakeable confidence in matters in which he is ignorant, results in the stupidest criticism of Kerry that I read about yesterday.

From Hunting Cape Cod (, we learn that there are so many deer on Cape Cod that Doe tags are granted at 100 percent. I don’t hunt and I don’t know what that means, but I think it means that it is possible that John Kerry was not lying about hunting deer on Cape Cod.

Ok, but surely he was exaggerating about the size of the deer he did not shoot? The aforementioned site goes on to say that “these aren't little Florida Deer either. Yearly, 200lb. bucks and 175 pt. racks appear at the weighing stations.” Well, I take it on faith that those are big deer. 200 lbs seems big to me.

And oh, about there being only sand on Cape Cod, Mr. Hindrocket might be interested to know that the same web site adds that almost every town in Cape Cod has a town forest. Sounds like a place deer might be found.

I will confess that I did not investigate Hunting Cape Cod, so I can’t say for sure that this is not just some bogus web site set up by Kerry operatives to cover his tracks (no pun intended). I’ll leave it to others to dig deeper into this important issue.


Anonymous said...

Ive never seen so many lies in one blog. lol

kerry is a nut. unfit to be president.

Im not saying bush is perfect, he's make mistakes. But kerry would be a bigger mistake for this country.

for the real truth about why liberals will be the ruin of the USA

Dominique Scalia said...

haha that's so funny. I just put a post on that guy's silly christian blog about why clinton was a good president and why bush should choke on a bigger pretzel next time.
meanwhile, what the ef is he talking about? how where there lies in that post? oh my god. you are so evil to lie about the size of deer when those deer are actually real and you aren't lying at all and i'm just a dumbass. I think the name hindrocket is some kind of gay sex thing. :) hooray for gay marriage!!