Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Honorable Discharge

Whenever somebody uses Bush's honorable discharge as proof that he "did his duty," remember that another mass murderer, albeit on a smaller scale, also received an honorable discharge.

John Allen Muhammad. More widely known as the D.C. Sniper. Here's a brief summary of his exemplary military service:

Convicted in a summary court-martial for failing to report to duty station on time, three counts of willfully disobeying an order, one count of striking a noncommissioned officer, one count of wrongfully taking property and one count of being absent without leave.

So if a nobody like JAM could get an honorable discharge with such a spotty record, imagine what the scion of one of America's most powerful families could get away with, and still be honorably discharged. No wonder Bush refuses to answer details about his service and continues to hide behind his honorable discharge.

Here's an idea. On the first Tuesday of this coming November, let's give Bush another "honorable discharge."

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